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A Legal Marketing Agency that Gets It

“I was over $200,000 in debt because no one understood my firm and other agencies were happy to just take my money”
– Jordan Ostroff, CEO and Founder of LegalEase Marketing

LegalEase was born out of frustration and a desperate need to help law firms succeed. You know that moment where you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and you’re ready to turn back? That’s our origin story. From there, attorney and LegalEase President Jordan Ostroff developed the concept of a marketing agency that would be for lawyers by law experts who know what firms need and who cared about helping lawyers find long term success.

LegalEase is composed of successful law firm managers and savvy digital marketing specialists. Our mission is to help our clients stand out in a competitive marketplace by implementing the best strategies available with personalized solutions to help your law firm grow.

the formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to undersyand

meet our team

Jordan Ostroff President, Co-Founder

Jordan Ostroff had always known he wanted to be a lawyer. That is until he realized that marketing was a real professional passion for him as well. Unfortunately, he already did the whole “going to law school, taking out way too much in loans, passing the bar, and starting a practice thing.” Whoops…

A true Floridian (He wears flip flops every day and has worn them during hearings before), Jordan grew up in South Florida; and graduated from The University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and Barry University, Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law. His first “real law job” was for the State of Florida as an Assistant State Attorney. Jordan, along with his better half (his words – but we agree) and fellow attorney, Heather Trick, opened up Jordan Law; a PI law firm located in Orlando, Florida in 2015.

*Cue the dramatic music.*

After losing a substantial amount of money on marketing agencies that didn’t understand how to market a law firm properly, Jordan buckled down, learned the basics and put into practice as he kept learning more and more.

He then partnered up with some of the best marketing minds to form something totally new and different, a firm built for lawyers, by lawyers. That takes the long view to drive the most success for his fellow attorneys, and hopefully change some lives for the better.

Today, Jordan has no student loans, and his firm is a successful, multi-million dollar firm. He oversees over a dozen people, and works only 3 days a week. When he’s not networking, you would find him cooking, playing disc golf (although he’ll argue that playing disc golf is also networking) or going on adventures with his son, usually involving them telling bad dad jokes.

Gregory Eisenberg Vice President, Co-Founder

The winner of “Worst (or Best) Doppelgangers” goes to Gregory Eisenberg; for his work as Beaker (the Muppet), Shaggy (From Scooby Doo, not the guy who sang “It Wasn’t Me”), and Screech (RIP, gone too soon). Gregory has experience as a failed stand-up comedian and a failed political candidate. However, Gregory has found plenty of success in the work he does helping law firms get more attention. Would more people in your community benefit by knowing about your firm? Gregory makes that happen, Ari Gold-style.

With over a decade of traditional and digital marketing experience, Gregory has worked for brands across various industries. His career began with developing innovative marketing plans for student housing properties before continuing onto the world of marketing agencies. There he was able to build experience on projects such as reinvigorating the engagement between Dixon Ticonderoga and the users of the world-famous #2 pencil, spark the desire for Carvel and Cinnabon third party delivery due to COVID-19, and increase enrollment for colleges such as Valencia College, University of Toledo, and University of Central Florida. As a marketing innovator, he believes that the latest technology can be leveraged to reduce expenditures while delivering increased results and communication.

A native of Voorhees, New Jersey, Gregory has been an Orlando, Florida resident since 2009. He is a proud, season ticket-holding graduate from the National Championship-winning University of Central Florida. Gregory was recognized as UCF’s “30 under 30” in 2018, and now no longer under the age of 30, has to continue to bring pride to the College of Interdisciplinary Studies (The fancy-pants liberal arts college at UCF).

K. Layne Crawford Director of Words

Described by colleagues as the Meryl Streep of Copywriting because they can shapeshift their writing for any brand, K. Layne Crawford brings over a decade of advertising, media, and writing experience to the LegalEase Team.

Layne has worked with an eclectic mix of clients, from fashion labels geared towards preppy sorority girls to wine and spirits brands that target tough guys. They served as a script analyst reading terrible horror screenplays that never saw production, worked as a journalist for online entertainment magazines, and “did time” as a client representative where they helped D-list celebrities land gigs at Comic Cons and bailed them out of jail. (Put the coffee pot on, they have stories to tell).

Born in Boston (Lost the accent), raised in New Hampshire, and educated in Philadelphia (Go Birds!), Layne is a proud University of the Arts graduate and a Drexel University MBA dropout. Although they have made Central Florida their home since 2012, they still say they’re from the Northeast. When they are not whipping up witticisms, you can usually find them searching for rare sneakers to add to their extensive collection, playing guitar and drums, singing karaoke, (Their go-to song is Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know”), and destroying everyone at trivia.

Brett Eisenberg Project Coordinator

For Brett Eisenberg, it was all a dream. He used to read copies of Entrepreneur Magazine. Elon and Gary Vee up in the limousine. Spent 50 hours a week at Chick-Fil-A constantly repeating, “It’s my pleasure, have a nice day.” Finally, he saw the light. Now, he’s with LegalEase because his marketing skills are tight.

Brett is as passionate about connecting with clients and coordinating projects as much as he is about pizza. If you think you know where to get the best slice, he will respectfully tell you that you don’t. Brett attended the University of Alabama (located in a place with a lackluster pizza scene) before transferring to Rowan University in his native New Jersey. (a place with a way better pizza scene)

Depending on which dictionary you use, if you look up the word go-getter, you may see a picture of Brett. LegalEase initially brought Brett on as an intern, but to have him as a coffee-grabber would’ve been an epic fail. What sets him apart? His motivation and dedication to everything he does. After all, his motto is: The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Thayne Brown Director of Technology Implementation

Thayne starts his mornings at 5 am. So you’d think he’d be running on a vat of coffee. But nope, he chugs a bunch of regular ol’ H20 to face the day.

Born in the Bronx (even though they’d never let him claim it) and raised in Sunrise (not Miami), Florida, Thayne knew he wanted to attend the University of Central Florida since he was in the 7th grade. In 2014, he graduated from UCF with a degree in Marketing. After dedicating 10+ years to automating and innovating processes within the industry to help his properties operate at peak efficiency, Thayne now brings his talents to Legalease Marketing as the Director of Technology Implementation.

An avid basketball fan and current Orlando resident, Thayne is a massive fan of the Orlando Magic (even when they’re not winning). He’s also an avid music fan. Thayne spends his downtime creating, listening, and sharing music with friends. Oh, and he’s also LegalEase’s unofficial rock star as he’s a touring musician in the band, Dear Tatiana. Thayne’s love of music and the Orlando Magic came together during the 2016-2017 season as Dear Tatiana’s song “Came Here To Win” was the official losing song for the Orlando Magic for the 2016-2017 NBA season. With a 29-53 record, they played the song many times.

Soleille Velazquez Project Coordinator

Armed with an iced coffee and her favorite playlist Soleille Velazquez can conquer any project thrown at her. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Soleille grew up in an environment where volunteering and giving back to her community was (and still is) a priority. She considers herself half Boricua and half Floridian, having moved to the Sunshine State at 16.

Soleille was accepted into Rollins College in 2017 and majored in Business Management. However, like many college students, her initial major wasn’t the right fit, and she soon switched focus and majored in Communications. After making this critical switch, Soleille took on many internships that ran the gamut from all aspects of the field of Communications, including marketing, public relations, and advertising. She graduated from Rollins in 2021 and accepted a position at LegalEase Marketing as a Project Coordinator.

Even though she’s allergic to dogs, Soleille loves nothing more than hanging out with her pup, Eisha, while watching a marathon of the “Real Housewives.”

Kim Samsel Project Director

Don’t let the Mickey Ears fool you! Kimberly Samsel is all business when it comes to her role as Project Manager of LegalEase Marketing. Taking charge of projects, handling the day-to-day tasks of rounding up a group of marketing goofballs, and connecting with clients is no easy task, but Kim does it all and remains as calm as Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas. If you couldn’t tell, she’s a big fan of Disney.

Kim was born in Homestead AFB and grew up as an Air Force “brat.” She settled down in Orlando, FL, and attended The University of Central Florida. She has made Orlando her home ever since. At UCF, she was heavily involved with the Chi Omega sorority and held leadership positions within the sorority. This is where she honed her sense of organization and cool as a cucumber demeanor.

A mix of a social butterfly and homebody, Kim and her husband love traveling and sports. One of her bucket list items? Seeing a game at every basketball, baseball, and football stadium in the country (She’s roughly 60-percent finished!) When she’s not traveling, she enjoys spending time at home with her fur-children. The dream of the ‘90s is alive and well in Kimberly Samsel’s world; just ask her long-haired chihuahua named Porkchop and her cat named Reptar.