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Why hire an agency that doesn’t speak your language? Our team of legal and marketing experts are here to help your firm grow.

A Legal Marketing Agency that Gets It

“I was over $200,000 in debt because no one understood my firm and other agencies were happy to just take my money”
– Jordan Ostroff, CEO and Founder of LegalEase Marketing

LegalEase was born out of frustration and a desperate need to help law firms succeed. You know that moment where you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and you’re ready to turn back? That’s our origin story. From there, attorney and LegalEase President Jordan Ostroff developed the concept of a marketing agency that would be for lawyers by law experts who know what firms need and who cared about helping lawyers find long term success.

LegalEase is composed of successful law firm managers and savvy digital marketing specialists. Our mission is to help our clients stand out in a competitive marketplace by implementing the best strategies available with personalized solutions to help your law firm grow.

the formal and technical language of legal documents that is often hard to undersyand

meet our team

Jordan Ostroff President, Co-Founder

The son of a postal employee and a substitute teacher, for whatever reason, Jordan Ostroff had always known he wanted to be a lawyer, even without knowing what that meant. He got his feet wet in law while attending The University of Central Florida, where he competed on the trial team and traveled around the country “doing fake cases while learning real skills.”

After graduating from UCF, Jordan headed to law school at Barry University, where he graduated with high honors and a litigation certificate. His first “real law gig” was for the State of Florida as an Assistant State Attorney.

Like many attorneys, Jordan couldn’t find the fight long term fit and instead decided to open up his own firm. Since 2015, success wasn’t easy and it didn’t come overnight. The early days of Jordan Law were rough. Unfortunately, Jordan was Jordan Law has grown from a small office to a multi-attorney firm taking cases throughout Central Florida. However, them in the right direction towards success. He’s confident that if he can do it, you can do and LegalEase Marketing is burned by marketing agencies who simply didn’t get it. Now, he wants other firms to learn from his mistake by steering here to help.

Gregory Eisenberg Vice President, Co-Founder

With over a decade of traditional and digital marketing experience, Gregory Eisenberg has worked for a variety of brands across various industries including, Darden, Cinnabon, Dixon Ticonderoga, University of Central Florida, University of Toledo, and the City of Orlando. As a marketing innovator, he believes that the latest technology can be leveraged to reduce expenditures while delivering increased results and communication.

A native of Voorhees, New Jersey, Gregory has been an Orlando, Florida resident since 2009. He is a University of Central Florida graduate and 30 Under 30 Award winner with the University.

K. Layne Crawford Director of Words

Described by colleagues as the Meryl Streep of Copywriting because they can shapeshift their writing for any brand, K. Layne Crawford brings over a decade of advertising, media, and writing experience to the LegalEase Team.

Layne has worked with an eclectic mix of clients, from fashion labels geared towards preppy sorority girls to wine and spirits brands that target tough guys. They served as a script analyst reading terrible horror screenplays that never saw production, worked as a journalist for online entertainment magazines, and “did time” as a client representative where they helped D-list celebrities land gigs at Comic Cons and bailed them out of jail. (Put the coffee pot on, they have stories to tell).

Born in Boston (Lost the accent), raised in New Hampshire, and educated in Philadelphia (Go Birds!), Layne is a proud University of the Arts graduate and a Drexel University MBA dropout. Although they have made Central Florida their home since 2012, they still say they’re from the Northeast. When they are not whipping up witticisms, you can usually find them searching for rare sneakers to add to their extensive collection, playing guitar and drums, singing karaoke, (Their go-to song is Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know”), and destroying everyone at trivia.

Fabricio Torres Content Producer

When he’s not drinking coffee and looking for his next big adventure, Fabricio is busy doing what he loves most: shooting and editing videos. Fabricio is a Hispanic American from Jacksonville, Florida, who grew up wanting to be an Orthopedic Surgeon, which was a dream that vanished rather quickly after he discovered his irrational fear of blood. Oops.

Fabricio studied Film at the University of Central Florida, but after graduating with his degree in 2015, searching for a job in such a competitive field became quite a strenuous task. This is where Fabricio met LegalEase Co-Founder Gregory Eisenberg, who, at the time, was a Marketing Director at a Student Housing Property in Orlando, Florida. Greg brought Fabricio onto the Marketing Team at the property as a dedicated Content Creator. From there, Fabricio further grew his skill set within sales and moved up the ranks as far as Assistant Property Manager after relocating to Miami in 2017.

Although seeing his success in the field of sales, Fabricio’s passion for film burned silently beneath his skin. In 2020, Gregory approached Fabricio with a business venture and job offer as a Content Creator for LegalEase Marketing that granted Fabricio his ticket back into the realm of multimedia marketing. Fabricio strives to include every ounce of his passion for film in his work, as he pushed holistically with his team for the success of all of LegalEase Marketing’s Clients.